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Initially the houses were built as a projector-house and the crew house. One was used to store a large projector to light the boarder and the other was used by border guards. Now both of them are rebuilt for new purpose.

Both houses are built with an open design with rooms full of natural light. There is a great view to the sea and the forest from the houses. Moreover, the sun sets directly in front of the houses!

The sauna house accommodates 4 people. In the other one there is room for 5. Both houses have fully equipped kitchens and a wood burning oven where one can cook fantastic roasts and baked potatoes. Outside there is a gas grill and an outdoor table and chairs where one can have a nice barbeque on a warm summer evening. We don't have wifi or TV so enjoy the nature!

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Sauna house

Main house

Enterprise Estonia supported the project of the Vaatetorni Guest Houses “Construction of a borehole for the Vaatetorni Guest Houses and installation of a larger capacity battery park” from the program aimed for the implementation of business models of tourism companies. 

The aim of the project is to provide rural tourism services (accommodation, organic catering and active holiday services) on a higher quality and larger scale than before on the island of Vormsi and to create opportunities for maintaining and growing turnover this year, primarily with the support of domestic tourism. 

As a result of the project, a borehole will be built, a battery bank and a controller will be acquired and installed. 

The project is co-financed by the Enterprise Estonia (European Regional Development Fund) in the amount of € 5,196.80.